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Cocktail-inspired ice creams, in collaboration with KL's top cocktail bars

Fusing the power of mixology and ice cream, we're bringing the bar to the freezer with The Ice Cream Bartenders Series. In this one-of-a-kind series where we team up with Coley, JungleBird and Mizukami Collective, we celebrate some of the top cocktail bars in KL (most of whom have been mainstays on Asia’s Best Bars) and the personalities behind them. 

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Launching our Mystery Packs

Do you sometimes feel like you're too drained to make a choice? We sure know how that feels. That's why we're here - as dedicated ice cream bartenders, we take it upon ourselves to take a little load off your shoulders! 

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Introducing 4 Brand New Flavours

Ever dreamt of the perfect foursome? We did #shameless! Oh, the countless dreams and longings led our team to churn out 4 new flavours to complete the foursome we ever so desired 😉 

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