Introducing 4 Brand New Flavours

Ever dreamt of the perfect foursome? We did #shameless! Oh, the countless dreams and longings led our team to churn out 4 new flavours to complete the foursome we ever so desired ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Nothing can whisk you off your feet quite like our brand-new Whisky Red Velvet. It all started when our chef wanted to spike his red velvet cake. Mixing in smooth American bourbon was definitely a game changer. This cheeky new flavour features Jim Beam whisky cream cheese ice cream mixed in with decadent streaks of Belgian milk chocolate ice cream. It is then topped with red velvet sponge cake, entirely made-in-house. Need we say more?

Imagine our decadent Baileys ice cream, but now topped off with rich chocolate brownies! With a hefty pouring of Baileys and brownie chunks (made in-house), Baileys Brownies will satisfy all your cravings and inner most desires. For an added crunch, we fold in lots of chocolate-coated cones for your tongue to get busy on. Warning: may cause a long-lasting mouthgasm

Kahlua Cheesecake is crafted with Kahlรบa coffee liqueur swirled into a luxurious cream cheese ice cream. It is then mixed and topped with Lotus Biscoff crumbs for an extra crunch and caramel sweetness! We use this coffee liqueur to lend a rich flavour of black coffee to a velvety ice cream made with Australian cream cheese. An ice cream that tastes as good as it looks, truly.

Last but not least - our bestseller, Black Forest! For our take on a timeless cake, we had to infuse some alcohol for a change. We start with a (very!) generous pouring of Kirsch -distilled from Schwarzwalder cherries- into our ice cream, before mixing in our decadent flourless chocolate cake and a tart cherry confit (all proudly made in-house). Well, you can't call it Black Forest if you haven't got Kirsch!