What We Do

Were you ever curious how well ice creams would go with alcohol?

Well we sure were! So in 2016, we opened our 1st outlet in Hartamas and set out to uncover the next Rum and Raisin, arguably the ubiquitous alcoholic ice cream!

After countless R&D sessions and day drinking, we have come up with a fantastic selection of handcrafted ice creams, crafted only with the best ingredients and finest liquor around. And we’ve always been looking to raise the bar since then

We ensure each and every handcrafted creation of ours is taste-tested to ensure only the best gets to your lips - that means lots of drinking on the job!

Our philosophy for handcrafting these boozy ice creams is simple, we emphasise balance in taste and texture! For that ice cream texture that we all know and love (frozen and smooth) great care must be taken as too high an alcohol content will just get you a melted, gloopy mess.

In addition to our 4 ice cream bars at Hartamas, 1 Utama, Seapark and Puchong, we're now available online

Check out our creations here

More on Our Creations

The classic Rum & Raisin takes the throne for The Ice Cream Bar. In a homage to this timeless flavour, we infuse Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum in with rum-soaked raisins. Smooth and velvety, it is a crowd-pleaser! Oh, how we love to spoon it! A flavour that is sure to please everyone at the table.

Whisking everyone away is our Crunchy Coffee Whisky. Spiked with some good ol' Kentucky bourbon, this delectable coffee ice cream is one to keep you awake through the day or night - your choice. Topping it off, we dot the ice cream with plenty of chocolate-coated cone bits and luscious dark chocolate hazelnut sauce. No surprise it's one of our bestsellers - all we need is a hammock for an afternoon delight!

Smooth, silky, and velvety, this ice cream is one to dig in and ravish with your partner. To craft one of our smoothest ice creams yet, we mix Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur with Irish dairy cream to form the rich vanilla flavour. Who said vanilla was boring? Truly the pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow!

Next time you think of going downtown, grab yourself some boozy ice creams to finish with 😉 Just head on over here, or any of The Ice Cream Bar near you or order through Grab. Now let’s raise your glass spoon and dig in!