Cocktail-inspired ice creams, in collaboration with KL's top cocktail bars

Fusing the power of mixology and ice cream, we're bringing the bar to the freezer with The Ice Cream Bartenders Series.

In this one-of-a-kind series where we team up with Coley, JungleBird and Mizukami Collective, we celebrate some of the top cocktail bars in KL (most of whom have been mainstays on Asia’s Best Bars) and the personalities behind them. 

After weeks of experimenting (aka day drinking), we captured the essence of their signature cocktails in the form of ice cream. Co-curating the ice cream flavours with the help of these genius bartenders, all of whom are regarded as the stalwarts of the KL bartending scene, has us feeling for 4 sinfully good cocktail-inspired ice cream flavours.

These are the 4 fantastic, curated flavours that make up THE ICE CREAM BARTENDERS SERIES:

  • 🍦 JungleBird's Jungle Bird flavour boasts tropical notes of lime and pineapple, balanced with Campari bitters and rum
  • 🍦 Popcorn Daiquiri is made in partnership with Bacardi. A creamy flavour with a natural sweetness from the rum and caramel sauce, finished with maple roasted almonds
  • 🍦 Mizukami Collective's Mapled Churchill has an intense bourbon flavour with maple honeycomb sweetness, complemented with sweet vermouth and lime custard
  • 🍦 Coley's Absinthe Frangelico has abundant of hazelnut notes with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla, with a lingering minty finish.

It was a fun albeit challenging process translating these complex drinks into ice creams while maintaining its complexity and nuances in taste.

For an unconventional spin, these series of ice creams are packed in a can. We’ve all had ice creams on a stick, in a cup and a tub, so why not enjoy ice creams in a can?

Available in-store, online store and GrabFood!

JUNGLE BIRD by JungleBird

No cocktail evokes Buatan Malaysia quite like the Jungle Bird. Created by the late Jeffrey Ong in the KL Hilton Aviary Bar back in 1973, it's since become the most internationally recognised cocktail created in Malaysia. Think of it as Malaysia's answer to the Singapore Sling! 

Diplomatico Mantuano rum, Campari ice cream swirled together with a refreshingly bright pineapple lime sorbet. Tropical, complex & fruity.

MAPLED CHURCHILL by Mizukami Collective (Shawn Chong)

Shawn (former co-founder of Omakase+Appreciate) had always found the Churchill (made with Scotch whisky and vermouth) to be a simple yet sophisticated drink, thanks to its sweet yet sour profile. 

This version of the drink - Mapled Churchill - is the one Shawn likes best and serves until today, a result of countless iterations throughout his years behind the bar and guest shifts at other renowned bars. Maple syrup is used to lend a mellow, delicate yet sophisticated flavour and paired with high-quality vermouth to round it all up.

Jim Beam White Label bourbon whiskey, Cinzano sweet vermouth with a delicious vanilla base. With maple honeycomb and lime custard sauce. Sophisticated, boozy & balanced


A typically brilliant creation from Coley, and signature to their ethos of observing tradition through modern lenses, this creation also exhibits CK Kho's astute skills in spinning up new flavours. After all, we wouldn't expect anything less from Coley. 

Angelique absinthe, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, vanilla, fresh lemon juice with toasted hazelnuts and a drizzle of gianduja. Refreshing, nutty & creamy.

POPCORN DAIQUIRI in collaboration with Bacardi

Made in partnership with Bacardi, The Ice Cream Bar takes the second-best part of going to the cinema (the best part being the movie) and translate it into an equally sinful ice cream with no compromise on taste. Made with freshly popped corn kernels that have been generously coated in buttered caramel, it's the perfect companion to your stay-at-home movie nights.

Bacardi Carta Oro rum, mixed in with maple roasted almonds and a generous drizzling of salted caramel sauce. Made with freshly popped corn kernels. Sweet, salty & buttery