Mapled Churchill (473ml)

Mapled Churchill (473ml)

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In partnership with Shawn Chong of Mizukami Collective

Jim Beam White Label bourbon whiskey, Cinzano sweet vermouth with a delicious vanilla base. With maple honeycomb and lime custard sauce.

An intense bourbon flavour with notes of toasted oak, and a lingering maple sweetness. Complemented with a pleasant citrus herbaceous flavour from the lime custard and vermouth.

Shawn had always found the Churchill (made with Scotch whisky and vermouth) to be a simple yet sophisticated drink, thanks to its sweet yet sour profile.

This version of the drink - Mapled Churchill - is the one Shawn likes best and serves until today, a result of countless iterations throughout his years behind the bar and guest shifts at other renowned bars. Maple syrup is used to lend a mellow, delicate yet sophisticated flavour and paired with high-quality vermouth to round it all up.

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Allergens: Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Nut, Treenuts, Soy. Contains alcohol.