Twin Pack

Twin Pack

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Volume: 2 x 473 ml

Get to know our flavours!

 Flavour Description Allergens
Rum & Raisin Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum ice cream twisted in with rum-soaked raisins. Dairy, egg, alcohol.
Crunchy Coffee Whisky

Jim Beam White Label bourbon whisky swirled into coffee ice cream. With chocolate-covered cone bits and dark choc hazelnut drizzle.

Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, treenut, alcohol. 
Baileys Brownies
Baileys Original Irish Cream ice cream with mouth-filling chocolate brownie chunks. Exceptionally good.
Dairy, egg, wheat, nut, soy, alcohol.
Kahlua Cheesecake Kahlua coffee liqueur swirled into a luxurious cream cheese ice cream, mixed and topped with a generous helping of Lotus Biscoff crumbs.
Dairy, wheat, soy, alcohol.
Smoked Cognac

ST-REMY VSOP brandy-fuelled dark chocolate ice cream with an exceptional smoky finish.

Dairy, alcohol. 
Guinness Brownies

Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout mixed in with French milk chocolate ice cream. With our housemade chocolatey brownies for a mouth-filling experience.

Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, alcohol.
Tiramisu Authentic Marsala wine from the island of Sicily and Mascarpone ice cream swirled with coffee-soaked sponge cake. Topped with honeyed almonds and dark chocolate hazelnut sauce.
Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, treenut, alcohol.
Whisky Red Velvet
Jim Beam whisky cream cheese ice cream mixed in with decadent streaks of Belgian milk chocolate ice cream. Generously topped with red velvet sponge cake.
Dairy, egg, soy, alcohol.
Bacardi Chocolate Crunch

Bacardi Carta Blanca white rum layered into ice cream. With crushed chocolate cone bits.

Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, treenut, alcohol. 
Chocolate Rum

Bacardi Carta Oro rum swirled into a luxurious ice cream made with Chocolate Concierge's small-batch Merdeka 70% Dark Chocolate.

Dairy, egg, wheat, soy, alcohol.