Alcoholic Mooncake 2 Piece
Alcoholic Mooncake 2 Piece

Alcoholic Mooncakes (2-pieces)

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In partnership with the best-selling Scotch whisky in the world, here’s the first-ever Johnnie Walker ice cream mooncake, made with Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish.

A beautiful blend of extraordinary 15-year-old single malts finished in ex-sherry casks; this whisky boasts an intense sweetness with an unending depth of flavour.

Blended with our creamiest ice cream and delicately handcrafted into a mooncake, we hope to deliver an incomparable Mid-Autumn experience for you.

A box of our premium handcrafted mooncakes comes with the following flavours (including a premium cutlery set and a reusable cooler bag):

A full-bodied, creamy ice cream made with a generous pouring of Johnnie Walker Aged 15 Years Sherry Finish topped off with fine chocolate chips. The mooncake is coated in a layer of chocolate and has an orange truffle as a yolk.


Our classic all-time favourite Rum and Raisin ice cream. Full of flavour and texture, this rum-infused ice cream mooncake is covered in a chocolate shell, being held by a hazelnut feuilletine base. A dense sphere of spiked raisin jam takes the place of a traditional yolk.

Allergens: All mooncakes contains eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, wheat, and alcohol.
Items provided:
*Premium gold cutlery set
*Reusable cooler bag
*Handwritten message card